UberA California woman is suing Uber, claiming that her driver pushed her out of a moving vehicle following her request to be let out when he refused to take the most direct route to her destination.
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Update: Woman Paralyzed in Uber Accident Awarded $38 Million

Feb. 18, 2019 – A Texas jury has awarded more than $37 million to a woman who sued Honda after being paralyzed in a 2015 car crash in which her Uber driver ran a red light and was T-boned by an oncoming pickup truck. Plaintiff Sarah Milburn filed the lawsuit against Honda over the seatbelts in its Odyssey minivan, which she claimed were poorly designed and contributed to her catastrophic injuries.

What’s the Problem?

August 29, 2017 – According to the lawsuit, Plaintiff Katherine Conner called an Uber to take her from one part of the city of Ventura to another – a route that she had taken many times. Conner claims the driver began driving in the wrong direction, and that when she asked about the route he was taking, the driver said he was taking a shortcut.

“When the Driver Defendant did not turn down the correct street, Plaintiff Conner told the Driver Defendant that she wanted to get out of the car,” the complaint states. “The Driver Defendant ignored Plaintiff Connor’s pleas to be allowed to exit the subject vehicle and, in fact, increased its Speed in response and began shoving, pushing, and assaulting and battering Plaintiff Conner. After that, as the Driver Defendant was making a turn, and while the vehicle was still moving, the Driver Defendant reached over, opened the passenger-side door, forcibly pushed Plaintiff Conner out of the subject vehicle and drove away.”

Conner is suing Uber over allegations of assault, battery and negligence, among other claims.
The complaint was filed Monday in Ventura County Superior Court.

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