Employee Rights

Employee Rights

U.S. workers are protected by a framework of complex laws and regulations. Unfortunately, many employees are unaware of their rights in the workplace. As a result, they may be mistreated or taken advantage of without being aware of their potential legal recourse. If you are an American worker, it is your duty to understand your rights as an employee. Not only will this protect you, it will empower you with the understanding of what to do in a situation where you have been wronged in the workplace.

Workplace Legal Issues

Common legal issues that arise on the job may include:

  • Overtime Collection – Workers may be taken advantage of by employers regarding their collection of overtime pay.
  • Hour / Wage Disputes – If you believe your employer is not following minimum wage laws, or you feel you are not receiving adequate payment for your work, you may wish to consult the advice of an employee rights lawyer.
  • Unlawful Termination – If you have been unjustly laid off or fired, you may have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your former employer.
  • Harassment at Work – When an employer allows harassment in the workplace, just going to work can become a threatening situation. If you’ve been the target of inappropriate comments, jokes, gestures or other actions, you have the right to report this behavior to your supervisor or Human Resources Department.
  • Workplace Violence – Workplace violence is an act of aggression, physical assault, or threatening behavior that occurs on the job which results in physical or emotional harm. A qualified employee rights lawyer can help get you the justice you deserve.

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