Taxotere 20mgA California woman who allegedly suffered permanent hair loss (alopecia) after taking the chemotherapy drug Taxotere (generic: docetaxel) has filed a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

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What’s the problem?

March 18, 2016 – According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Erma Spann has been experiencing ongoing and permanent hair loss since being treated with Taxotere following a right breast partial mastectomy more than a decade ago.
The complaint further alleges that the manufacturer knew or should have known that, unlike other cancer treatment medications, Taxotere increases the risk of permanent alopecia rather just temporary hair loss. Spann claims that rather than warning the public about this problem, Sanofi hid the information and deprived her and other cancer patients the opportunity to decide whether the risk of permanent baldness was worth it.
“Although women might accept the possibility of permanent baldness as a result of the use of Taxotere if no other product were available to treat their cancer, this was not the case,” the lawsuit states. “Before Defendants’ wrongful conduct resulted in thousands of women being exposed to the side effects of Taxotere, there were already similar products on the market that were at least as effective as Taxotere and did not subject female users to the same risk of disfiguring permanent alopecia as does Taxotere.”
The complaint highlights a 2005 study called GEICAM 9805 which found that nearly 10% of patients treated with Taxotere developed alopecia. Sanofi was aware of this study, as well as the observations of a Denver-based oncologist, who in 2006 reported that over 6% of his Taxotere patients experienced permanent hair loss.
“Despite Defendants’ knowledge of the relevant findings from the GEICAM 9805 study, as well as reports from patients who had taken Taxotere and suffered from permanent disfiguring hair loss, Defendants failed to provide accurate information and proper warnings to physicians, healthcare providers, and patients in the United States, including Plaintiff, that patients who take Taxotere are at a significantly increased risk of suffering from permanent disfiguring hair loss,” the complaint states. “Instead, Defendants chose to withhold this information in the United States despite advising physicians, patients, and regulatory agencies in other countries, including the European Union and Canada, that Taxotere causes an increased risk of permanent disfiguring hair loss.”
Plaintiff further alleges that Taxotere warning labels continue to vaguely and misleadingly indicate that “hair generally grows back” after treatment with the medication.

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