Invokana 300mgJanssen Pharmaceuticals has filed a motion to have over 100 Invokana lawsuits that were originally filed in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas to be transferred to federal court in New Jersey.
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What’s the problem?

December 1, 2016 – Janssen said the transfer would help streamline the litigation process, noting that one New Jersey judge has already been assigned at least 53 Invokana lawsuits. The request follows a removal motion filed by the company on Nov. 17.
Janssen has been litigating one lead case filed by a Texas man who claims he suffered a spike in blood acids shortly after he started taking Invokana. It says that at least 106 Invokana lawsuits have been filed to date in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.
“Transferring plaintiff’s action to the District of New Jersey is appropriate because plaintiff could have brought his claims in New Jersey, as Janssen is headquartered there and made decisions there concerning Invokana,” Janssen said. “Further, a transfer will promote the interests of justice and benefit all parties because it will encourage the efficient and expeditious resolution of these cases by a single judge.”
Days after a Philadelphia judge refused to dismiss Plaintiff Matthew Landes’ lawsuit and ordered him to refile in Texas, Janssen filed a motion to have all 106 cases removed to federal court in Pennsylvania. The company said that the cases involve at least 143 plaintiffs, all but 3 of whom are not residents of the state.
The lawsuits all similarly allege that Janssen and Mitsubishi Tanabe failed to adequately warn that Invokana can increase the risk of kidney failure and diabetic ketoacidosis. Additionally, the complaints argue that Invokana was defectively designed because it prevents the body from metabolizing excess glucose by causing it to be excreted through the urine.

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