Fidget SpinnerThe U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a warning about the potential dangers of bluetooth fidget spinners, after the toys were reported to catch fire and present a choking hazard to children.
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What’s the Problem?

August 15, 2017 – In a safety warning posted Thursday on the CPSC website, the agency warns against charging fidget spinners overnight, noting that there “have been some reports of fires involving battery-operated fidget spinners.”
CPSC chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle said that, like any battery-operated device, bluetooth spinners should only be charged when someone can watch over them. Buerkle added that only the charging cord that came with the spinner should be used.
The commission also warned that fidget spinners should be kept away from children younger than 3-years-old, since small components inside the devices can break loose, which may create a choking risk.
However, choking incidents have been reported in children as old as 14, so all children should be warned to keep the spinners out of their mouths, according to the CPSC.
“Fidget spinners can be fun to use, but consumers and companies should be aware of some of the safety concerns associated with this product,” Buerkle said.

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