Middlebury College in Vermont has banned on-campus sales of energy drinks, claiming the beverages have been linked to ‘high-risk sexual activity’ and other ‘problematic behavior’ including the abuse of ‘intoxicating’ substances.
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What’s the problem?

February 29, 2016 – The ban, which will go into effect next Monday, will apply to popular energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster Energy and AMP, according to NBC News.
Myles Kamisher-Koch, a student who interns with Middlebury Dining Services, is behind the energy drink ban, according to The Middlebury Campus. Kamisher-Koch argued at a recent meeting that the beverages promote a “culture of stress” and encourage bad academic habits.
Dan Detora, executive director of dining hall services, told NBC that energy drinks can have life-threatening health consequences. College officials also told the outlet the drinks have been linked to unsafe behavior like alcohol abuse and “high-risk sexual activity.” At least 2 students told The Middlebury Campus that the problems with energy drinks also worries them.

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