Monster Energy DrinkMonster Energy Drink has been linked to at least 5 deaths over the past several years, including that of 19-year-old Drew James, who allegedly died after drinking just a half can of the beverage.
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What’s the Problem?

February 27, 2017 – If something was wrong with Drew James’ heart, his family didn’t know about it, according to his mother Cheryl.
However, they did know the young man drank a lot of caffeine, which could include energy drinks along with coffee, soda or sweet tea. This much caffeine might not have been the healthiest habit, but Cheryl said she could never have imagined it would lead to her son’s death.
James said her son died in january 2010 after collapsing at a friend’s house in Bryceville, Florida. Drew had been to the movies, then stopped at a convenience store to buy energy drinks on the way home.
Drew’s friend Jason Mullen claims Drew drank half a can of Monster Nitrous during the ride. When they got to another friend’s house, Drew fell backwards on the front porch and then had a seizure.
Drew’s friends called 9-1-1 and tried CPR, but even after a doctor’s final efforts of manually massaging his heart muscle, he failed to regain consciousness and died.
At first the death puzzled health officials and family members, who begged Drew’s friends to tell them if he used any drugs.
“I kept telling the boys, ‘Please, if Drew did something to cause this, don’t let me hear it from a stranger,” Cheryl said. “And they kept saying ‘It’s the energy drinks!”
Associate Medical Examiner Aurelian Nicolaescu said he looked for all potential causes of death, and at first suspected drugs. Then he found that James’ heart was thicker than usual. While Nicolaescu couldn’t confirm that a caffeine overdose was the culprit for sure, he said it could have triggered his heart to stop beating normally.
“It’s not the cause of death but could have been a trigger because he already had a heart condition he didn’t know about,” Nicolaescu said.

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