hydraulic frackingEnvironmentalists, property owners and health advocates are petitioning Montana regulators to require drilling companies to fully disclose which chemicals they use to produce oil and gas via hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”
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What’s the Problem?

July 29, 2016 – Dozens of chemicals — some known to be toxic to humans and the environment — are used in fracking, a process that involves drilling into the earth and injecting shale rock with high-pressure liquids to release the gas trapped inside.
A state rule issued in 2011 allows fracking companies to keep secret any chemicals they consider to be trade secrets; however, officials can request a full list of ingredients if a spill or release of fluids occurs. The rule also permits healthcare professionals to request the data when needed to diagnose or treat a patient for chemical exposure.
Advocates say the trade secrets rule is an unlawful loophole, violating the public’s right to disclosure about dangerous chemicals that can contaminate groundwater or cause air pollution. Of course, the oil and gas industry is opposed to any rule change.
The petition, brought by a coalition of property owners, health advocates and state government agencies, requests that the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (MBOGC) tighten its rules on fracking chemical disclosure.
Montana state law gives MBOGC 60 days to either reject the request or begin a new rule-making process. The matter is likely to come up at the board’s work meeting on August 11, according to Oil and gas board Administrator Jim Halvorson.

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