hoverboardA family from Nashville, Tennessee, is suing Amazon and other retailers for $30 million after a hoverboard caught fire and burned their home down.
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What’s the Problem?

November 2, 2016 – According to the lawsuit, Amazon knew or should have known that the hoverboard in question — a FITBURO F1 hoverboard with an “original Samsung advanced battery” Plaintiff Megan Fox purchased as a Christmas present for her son — was a dangerous product, but sold it anyway.
The hoverboard caught fire on January 9, destroying all of the family’s home and all their personal possessions. The father, Brian Fox, rescued two of his children from the blaze. The only items they were able to salvage were their cars and some water damaged books and pictures, according to the lawsuit.
Plaintiffs contend that Amazon and its subsidiaries had information about the dangers with hoverboards it sold prior to the fire, and that they should have known the products were being misrepresented on their website.
The complaint further alleges that Amazon was negligent in failing to warn customers about safety problems with hoverboards, which it claims should have been known to the company prior to Jan. 9. Amazon began pulling some hoverboards off the site in Dec. 2015 due to concerns over exploding batteries.
Most hoverboards are manufactured in bulk in China before being purchased by resellers who apply cosmetic retouching and branding. The devices contain large batteries, which can be a serious hazard if they misfire.
Plaintiffs allege that the third-party merchant that sold the hoverboard — listed online as “W-Deals” — is a sham organization registered to an apartment in New York City. The family reportedly believed they were purchasing a hoverboard with a Samsung lithium ion battery, but what they received instead was a Chinese-made counterfeit product.

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