RoundupA new court filing indicates that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be aiding Monsanto in covering up the cancer-causing effects of Roundup weed killer.
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What’s the Problem?

The filing (PDF), filed on Feb. 17, 2017, includes a correspondence from a veteran EPA scientist who accuses Jess Rowland, former head of the agency’s cancer assessment on glyphosate, of colluding with Monsanto in downplaying the potential health risks of Roundup herbicide.
Rowland was responsible for assessing the risk of cancer with glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides — and was a noted author in a report which found that the chemical was not likely to be carcinogenic. This assessment was directly challenged by the late EPA toxicologist Marion Copley, who said in the correspondence that “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.”
The correspondence, which is dated March 4, 2013, came the year after Copley left the EPA and shortly before she died from breast cancer at the age of 66. She accuses Rowland of having “intimidated staff” to change reports in favor of the ag industry, and writes that studies have demonstrated glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen.”
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), backed Copley’s claim in March 2015 after reviewing multiple scientific studies. Monsanto has rejected the Roundup cancer link and has mounted a vigorous campaign to discredit IARC scientists.
If the filing is determined to be authentic, it could be an explosive development in the rapidly expanding Roundup multidistrict litigation (MDL No. 2741) that now comprises more than 60 plaintiffs from across the U.S. accusing Monsanto of covering up evidence that Roundup could cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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