wright-conserve-hipOur lawyers are filing lawsuits for people who were injured by Wright Conserve hip implants, medical devices that have been linked to adverse health complications including hip replacement failure and revision surgery.
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What is the Wright Conserve Hip?

Wright Conserve hip implants are made by Wright Medical Technology. When the company first released the devices in 2003, it referred to the products as “lifetime solutions” that reduced risk of dislocation while increasing range of motion and durability. The Conserve line of hip implants include:

  • Conserve Total Hip Replacement System
  • Conserve Plus Total Resurfacing Hip System
  • Conserve Femoral Hip Surface Replacement
  • Conserve Total A-Class Advanced Metal Hip Implant System
  • Conserve Resurfacing System

Which Complications Have Wright Hips Been Linked to?

  • Hip pain
  • Swelling, inflammation
  • Dislocation, looseness, or instability
  • Bone loss (osteolysis)
  • Tissue necrosis
  • Bone fracture
  • Bursal cyst
  • Pseudo-tumors (soft-tissue growths)
  • Metallosis (metal poisoning)
  • Corrosion of hip implant
  • Failure in less than five years
  • Revision surgery
  • Permanent disability
  • General hypersensitivity reactions (skin rash)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Neurological changes
  • Hearing or vision loss
  • Psychological changes
  • Depression
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Kidney function impairment
  • Thyroid dysfunction (neck discomfort, fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold)
  • And more

Has a Class Action Been Filed?

No. However, in February 2012 a panel of judges ordered that all federal lawsuits involving the Wright Conserve Total Hip System would be centralized as part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The MDL is In Re: Wright Medical Technology Inc. Conserve Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2329).

Have Any Settlements Been Reached?

Almost 5 years after the MDL was created, Wright agreed to settle about 1,300 lawsuits alleging injuries from its metal-on-metal hip implants. Eligible claimants must have undergone revision surgery at least 150 days after and no later than 8 years post-implant.

What is the Litigation Status?

At the time the settlement was announced, there were about 2,300 pending claims involving Wright Conserve, Lineage, and Dynasty metal-on-metal hips that were not included in the settlement. Wright Medical has announced that claims involving revised metal-on-metal hips will be part of a future settlement offer.

What are the Lawsuits Alleging?

The pending claims allege that Wright Medical released a defective line of hip implants and failed to properly warn patients of the products’ potential risks. Specifically, the suits allege that the metal-on-metal design of the Conserve products can generate excessive levels of metal debris which can cause metal toxicity and/or early failure, including loosening of the acetabular cup.

Do I Have a Wright Conserve Hip Lawsuit?

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