Update: 30 New Lawsuits Filed Against Tyndall

Dr. George Tyndall has been named as a defendant in 30 new lawsuits, according to Patch. Including the most recent cases, Tyndall has been slammed with more than 200 sexual abuse suits, a tsunami of litigation mostly filed by former patients at USC who claim they were violated during medical exams at the campus health center.

USC is battling lawsuits and public outrage over an alleged pattern of sexual abuse by Tyndall, who was reportedly allowed to continue working despite multiple complaints to university officials, according to NPR.

In response to the outcry over Tyndall’s alleged sexual abuse, about 200 faculty members have called for campus president, C.L. Max Nikias, to resign. In a letter to the board of trustees released Tuesday, the faculty claims that Nikias “has lost the moral authority to lead the University.”

To date, at least 6 women have filed lawsuits against Tyndall and USC, alleging they were abused by the gynecologist during his nearly 30 years on the job, and that the university knew about his behavior and was negligent for failing to take action.

The lawsuits were filed on Monday, less than a week after the LA Times published an investigation into Tyndall’s alleged “creepy” behavior, which documents complaints going back to the 1990s.

Tyndall has denied any wrongdoing, stating that his exams were “thorough” and “appropriate,” and that he “never had any sexual urges” toward his patients.

Tyndall Charged With New Cases of Sexual Abuse

Fifteen women who claim they were sexually assaulted by former USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall have filed a class action lawsuit against the university, alleging that it failed to protect them from the abusive acts of one of their staff members.

The class action claims that the USC gynecologist victimized thousands of women during his nearly 30-year tenure, and that the university allowed this by not taking any action, despite multiple complaints going back to the early 2000s.

The complaint was entered 2 weeks after 4 anonymous plaintiffs filed suit against Tyndall in a state court class action, and after claimant Lucy C. filed a putative federal class action. Lucy’s claim seeks to represent all women who suffered molestation or other forms of sexual assault at the hands of Dr. Tyndall.

“Tyndall violated [patient] trust by causing physical contact, including in the form of sexual abuse, molestation, and unwanted touching, in violation of his female patients that was not for the purpose of providing medical care, but for the purpose of providing Tyndall with sexual gratification,” the new class action states.

This USC Sexual Assault Lawsuit is Case No. 2:18-cv-4940, in the U.S. District Court for Central California.

More Than 200 Women Have Filed Sexual Assault Lawsuits Against USC Gynecologist

The University of Southern California (USC) is facing a crush of lawsuits filed on behalf of more than 200 women who claim they were sexually mistreated by the longtime campus gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall.

As staggeringly large as the litigation has grown since news of Tyndall’s alleged sexual misconduct broke last month, legal analysts said this may still just be the tip of the iceberg, and that the number of plaintiffs suing the gynecologist could balloon into the thousands before all is said and done.

Since the Los Angeles Times broke news of Tyndall’s alleged indiscretions, hundreds of Tyndall’s former and current patients have come out of the woodwork claiming similar behavior by the doctor, who was on staff as the university’s only full-time campus gynecologist for nearly 3 decades. Perhaps most disturbing is the claim by one lawyer that he has been contacted by women who were patients of Tyndall’s at the very beginning of his tenure, as well as others who claim that at nearly every other time in his professional career leading up till the very end last summer, when he was quietly dismissed from his post per the terms of a secret contract.

Tyndall, 71, has continued to deny any wrongdoing in regards to his many alleged crimes, and even went so far as to say in an interview with the Times that he was only aware of a single complaint against him during his 3-decade tenure at USC, filed by a young woman who claims Tyndall didn’t wear gloves during a gynecological examination,.

USC claims it placed the doctor on administrative leave in 2016 and never returned to treating students after officials received a complaint from a staff member at the health clinic. The staff member alleged that Tyndall made inappropriate comments to a patient in front of medical assistants.

Tyndall’s House, Storage Unit Raided by LAPD

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) carried out search warrants on Thursday at the home and storage unit of Dr. George Tyndall, a former campus gynecologist at USC who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault and “mistreatment.”

Billy Hayes, Captain of the Los Angeles Police Department, said that detectives from the sex-crimes division have made contact with Tyndall and seized evidence during the raid, but did not provide additional details.

Police have contacted about 135 women about Tyndall, and more than 400 others have called a university hotline since news of an investigation surfaced indicating that he was allowed to remain employed at the university, despite numerous complaints going back to the early 2000s.

Details of what was found during the raids have been kept secret to protect the integrity of the investigation, according to the LA Times. Tyndall was handcuffed during the search at his apartment as part of standard police protocol, but he was not taken into custody and has not been charged with any crimes.

Tyndall, who resigned last year in anticipation of the scandal, has denied wrongdoing and said he never mistreated patients. He has not responded publicly to the latest developments.

USC has admitted that it received complaints about Tyndall as far back as the early 2000s, and that the head of the medical clinic, who died in 2016, “handled patient complaints independently.” The university said it was unclear why Tyndall was allowed to remain at his post for so many years.

It was only after a frustrated nurse reported Tyndall to the campus rape crisis center in 2016 that the gynecologist was removed from his position.

200 USC Professors Demand Resignation of University President Amid Scandal Over Gynecologist’s Alleged Sexual Assault

Around 200 professors and other faculty members at the University of Southern California (USC) signed a letter on Tuesday stating that president Max Nikias has “lost the moral authority” to lead the institution in the midst of a sexual assault scandal involving longtime campus gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall.

On Monday, at least 6 women filed lawsuits against USC alleging that they were abused by Dr. Tyndall during his nearly 30-year stint as campus gynecologist at USC, and that school officials failed to take action in the face of numerous allegations.

The complaints came less than a week after the LA Times published an investigation into the allegations against Tyndall, which go back to the 90s. Tyndall has denied that he did anything wrong, telling the Times that his exams were thorough but appropriate.

100’s More Lawsuits Filed

USC has been hit with lawsuits from 51 more patients of George Tyndall as board chairman calls for expedited settlements. As more lawsuits pile up against USC for its handling of a campus gynecologist accused of sexually abusing patients, the chair of the university’s board of trustees said he wanted to see the litigation resolved “as quickly as possible.”

USC Gynecologist Under LAPD Investigation for 52 Counts of “Sexual Misconduct”

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating 52 complaints of sexual misconduct allegedly perpetrated by USC’s long-time campus gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, and detectives believe there could be scores more before the investigation is complete.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday night, LAPD officials urged any additional victims of Tyndall’s to come forward immediately so their stories can be heard, according to the New York Post.

“We are empathetic and ready to listen,” said Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala.

Tyndall, the 72-year-old former campus gynecologist at USC, was accused earlier this month of sexual assault and harassment by more than a dozen women. That number has grown to at least 52 now, with some expecting this number to grow still larger as news of Tyndall’s actions spread.

The alleged victims went on record with the Times about their experiences with Tyndall, and a handful have even filed class action lawsuits against USC for failing to act for years or even decades, as the complaints mounted against the doctor.

USC President C.L. Max Nikias stepped down last Friday in response to the controversy surrounding Tyndall, the same day as LAPD detectives announced their investigation.

3 More Former USC Students Sue Over Gynecologist Sexual Harassment

A lawsuit has been filed by 3 former USC students who allege they were sexually harassed by former campus gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, who was reportedly allowed to continue working despite decades of complaints to university officials.

The first woman named in the complaint claims that Tyndall forced her to get naked during a study that consisted of 2 separate gynecological exams in 1988, forcing himself on her physically and making obscene sexual comments.

Another plaintiff named in the suit claims that, during her first gynecological exam in 2013, Dr. Tyndall forced her to undergo a “skin exam” while naked to check for “moles.” During the exam, plaintiff claims the gynecologist inserted 2 ungloved fingers into her vagina while making inappropriate sexual comments.

The last plaintiff alleges Tyndall abused her twice, during medical tests in 2013 and 2016.

Of the 3 women, none claim to have realized they were victimized until earlier this month, when news of Tyndall’s alleged crimes were publicized. They say before this occurred, they considered Tyndall’s action those of a normal medical professional during the course of his duties.

Plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages for sexual abuse, molestation, harassment, discrimination, and civil rights violations.

The suit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court under case number BC707880. The case is in RE: Jane Doe 11, et al. v. Dr. George Tyndall, et al. — Case No. BC707880.

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