Medicine & MoneyPresident Donald Trump has threatened to file a new federal lawsuit against companies that manufacture and distribute high volumes of opioid drugs, similar to dozens of suits already filed at the state and city levels attempting to bring the crisis under control.

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What’s the problem?

August 18, 2018 – President Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a cabinet meeting on Thursday to bring the federal suit against opioid manufacturers in the U.S., and to address potential sanctions against China and Mexico for “sending their garbage and killing our people.”

“I’d like us to look at some of the litigation that’s already been started with companies,” Trump told Sessions. “Rather than just joining them I’d like to bring a federal lawsuit against those companies.”

In March, the Trump administration filed a “statement of interest” in a complaint brought against drug manufacturers by various state and city entities, which noted the “substantial costs and significant interest” the federal government has in the U.S. opiate epidemic.

Trump Puts Opioid Manufacturers in Crosshairs: USA Today Video

Federal Suit Opens Door for Criminal Charges Against Opioid Pedalers

There are a number of legal reasons why it might make sense for the federal government to file the claim, said Abbe R. Gluck, a professor at Yale Law School and the faculty director at the Solomon Center for Health Policy and Law. For starters, it would give the Trump administration greater power over any monetary award granted in the case, which is being heard in the Northern District of Ohio.

Greater federal involvement could also undermine a claim made by drugmakers that state and local jurisdictions are not entitled to sue over a federal law at the center of their litigation. Finally, federal government brings criminal enforcement authority to the table, Gluck said.

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