According to the lawsuit, Plaintiff was a freshman at Canyon High School during the 2009-2010 school year and played on the school’s freshman basketball team, where Haggerty was a coach and trainer.

Instead of instructing on free throws and jump shot techniques, Coach Haggerty talked more about inappropriate adult topics under the guise of “sex education,” according to the suit.

Later the same season, Plaintiff injured his hip and Haggerty allegedly used this situation to engage in private “treatment” sessions in the locker room in which he would instruct the boy to remove his clothes so coach could massage his hips, the complaint states.

Haggerty also split his time as an assistant coach for the boys varsity basketball team at Canyon High. During Plaintiff’s sophomore season, Haggerty appointed him team manager, forcing him to attend nearly every practice and game, according to the lawsuit,.

When the plaintiff entered his sophomore year, Haggerty appointed him team manager of the varsity team, reportedly forcing him to attend almost every game and practice. Haggerty continued insisting on “wrapping” the boy’s hip, long after the injury was an issue, with the behavior escalating to massages and finally to full-on direct sexual contact, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit goes on to state that while Hart District did have a protocol in place for handling allegations of sexual abuse, the district failed to report it in the case of the plaintiff, who claims he was first violated in 2009.

“District employees shall report known or suspected incidences of child abuse in accordance with district regulations and state law,” the policy states. “Employees shall fully cooperate with the child protective agencies responsible for reporting, investigating and prosecuting cases of child abuse.”

“Virtually all school employees” of the Hart District are mandated reporters, meaning they are required to report any child abuse, the policy said.

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