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Kotex Tampons Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Kimberly-Clark has issued a voluntary recall of some U by Kotex tampons, after a "quality-related defect" caused the products to come apart inside womens' bodies, leaving pieces behind after the tampon was removed.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Cashmere Bouquet Class Action Lawsuit

Cashmere Bouquet, a brand of soap and body powder that Colgate-Palmolive has manufactured for 150 years, may not be as luxurious a product as the name implies - the “Italian talc” contained in the powder has been linked to severe,...

Pinaud Club Talc

Clubman Pinaud Talc Class Action Lawsuit

Our class action lawyers are investigating potential lawsuits for people who used Clubman Pinaud Talc Powder products before the 1980s, and were subsequently diagnosed with a cancer such as mesothelioma or ovarian cancer.

Signature Hardware Shower Seat Recall Class Action

Shower Seat Recall Class Action Lawsuit

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall on Tuesday of wall-mounted shower seats made by Signature Hardware, as the products have been linked to nearly 200 reports of the seats breaking, including at least 23 injuries.

Skechers store

Skechers Class Action Lawsuit

Did you purchase Skechers Light-Up Shoes for your child or other loved one? If so, be aware: customers have complained and at least one lawsuit has been filed alleging that Skechers Lights may cause severe injuries when they catch fire...

Lime Scooter Recall Class Action Lawsuit

What’s the problem? November 12, 2018 – The recall comes just a couple weeks after Lime announced it was pulling scooters from Los Angeles, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe markets for fear the batteries could catch fire. Lime said that...


New Study Finds Glyphosate in More Breakfast Foods

A second study completed in just over 3 months has detected trace amounts of glyphosate, the deadly chemical in Roundup weed killer and hundreds of other widely-used garden products, in at least 28 cereals and other foods marketed toward younger...

Portable Dehumidifier

Oregon Fire Officials Issue Warning on Dehumidifier Risks

The Elk River Fire Department in Southwestern Oregon recently sent a Facebook post to consumers urging them to be aware of an ongoing recall for dehumidifiers which have been reported to overheat and catch fire. Free Confidential Lawsuit Evaluation: If...

Monterey Remuda Full Strength

Remuda Full Strength Weed Killer Class Action Lawsuit

What is Remuda Full Strength? Remuda Full Strength is a 41% glyphosate broad-spectrum herbicide designed to kill perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. The product works by entering through the foliage and traveling to the underground roots. Remuda weed killer is...

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Toddler Burned in Pressure Cooker Explosion

A 2-year-old boy from Burley, Idaho, is back home with his parents recovering after a nearly 2-week stay in the hospital following a severe burn injury he sustained when a nearby pressure cooker exploded, spewing boiling food onto him and...