RoundupIn the latest of a slew of litigation against Monsanto, two non-profit organizations have filed a lawsuit against the company for intentionally mislabeling its Roundup herbicide as targeting an enzyme found only in plants, and not humans or pets.
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What’s the Problem?

April 13, 2017 – The complaint was filed by Beyond Pesticides and the Organic Consumers Association, public health groups that accuse Monsanto of having full knowledge that the enzyme targeted by glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup and hundreds of other similar products — is, in fact, found in people and pets.
“Reasonable consumers must and do rely on Monsanto to report honestly Roundup’s effects on humans and animals and whether the enzyme it targets is found in people and pets,” the complaint states. “No reasonable consumer seeing these representations would expect that Roundup targets a bacterial enzyme that is found in humans and animals and that affects their immune health.”
Plaintiffs filed their suit under the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act, alleging that Monsanto knows that its representations are false.
“Monsanto is aware of how glyphosate works on the shikimate pathway, and … is aware of studies showing that the shikimate pathway is present in bacteria integral to the digestive systems of people and pets,” the complaint states. “Monsanto therefore knows that glyphosate targets an enzyme present not only in plants, but also in people and pets.”
Because Monsanto’s labeling and marketing of Roundup are mislead and materially deceptive, Plaintiffs are bringing the case on behalf of the general public and seeking equitable relief for the sale of Roundup Products in the District of Columbia.
Furthermore, the groups are requesting that the court order the disgorgement of Monsanto’s profits for each sale of the Roundup products in D.C., and to deposit the money into a community fund to be used for the general public’s benefit.
The case is: Beyond Pesticides et al v Monsanto Co. et al., in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Civil Division.

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