Volkswagen has agreed to fix up to 11 million vehicles equipped with software designed to defeat emissions tests, according to Reuters.

What’s the problem?

September 30, 2015 – Although Volkswagen has voluntarily agreed to remove the “defeat device” software, it hasn’t disclosed exactly how it will accomplish this. The automaker’s new CEO, Matthias Mueller, told employees this week that it will be contacting customers about getting their diesel cars retrofitted.

The technology blog Engadget speculated that the update will be some sort of software-related fix, since the cheat devices were programmed to run clean only during emissions testing. Whatever it is, regulators are sure to keep a close eye on VW’s solution to make sure it’s actually solving the problem.

How Will the Refit Affect the Vehicles?

The fix is also likely to impact the vehicles’ mileage and performance, according to Wired. Volkswagen has set aside more than $7 billion to pay for the scandal, which is growing worse by the day – now it appears that the company has known about the test cheating for years.

Lawmakers Ask Volkswagen to Turn Over Documents

Also this week, U.S. lawmakers asked Volkswagen to turn over documents related to the emissions scandal, including records concerning development of the defeat devices. In separate letters, republicans and democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee requested information from VW and the EPA as part of the ongoing investigation.

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