Excerpt: Dec. 13, 2018 – Former USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall continues to look suspicious in the wake of a tsunami of litigation filed against him by more than 200 women alleging sexual assault, as a raid on his storage unit revealed a number of questionable artifacts that could prove to be pivotal to the litigation.

What’s the Problem?

Those images could ultimately sway potential juries as to the guilt or innocence of Tyndall, who has been accused of assaulting hundreds over his 30+ year career at USC’s student health center. Detectives are trying to determine whether the photos show patients at campus clinic appointments, and are working to establish the identities of the women.

”Largest Sex Crimes in History”

The new evidence has complicated an already massive investigation. With at least 234 women filing police reports against Tyndall, the probe is believed to be the largest sex crimes investigation involving an individual in LAPD history.

USC Survivors Press Conference: Video

Tyndall Denies All Claims

Tyndall, to nobody’s surprise, maintains his innocence and is denying all claims against him. He claims he has never sold, traded or shared any images of patients he examined while conducting medical examinations at USC.

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