samsung-galaxy-note-7After two recalls and dozens of reports of fire and explosions in Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Samsung has been accused of refusing to pay for replacement costs of damaged property.
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What’s the Problem?

October 21, 2016 – A Samsung Note 7 reportedly exploded in John Barwick’s house in Illinois, unleashing a “meter long flame” and a noise he claims sounded like “a whole bundle of sparklers being lit all at once,” according to The Guardian.
Barwick says the phone sprayed chemicals all over his bed, curtains and carpet, which cost an estimated $9,000 in damages. He contacted the manufacturer and was eventually referred to its insurance company, Samsung Fire & Marine.
The company refused to pay the replacement costs of the damaged items, offering only a “depreciated value,” according to Barwick. He said Samsung’s priority instead seemed to be retrieving his Note 7.
“I told them I’d be more than happy to allow them to inspect it to ensure the claim was authentic, but I wasn’t going to give over custody until everything was made good,” Barwick said.
The global Note 7 recall may cost Samsung a staggering $17 billion in lost revenue, according to Reuters. The fiasco is already a massive financial loss and blow to the reputation of Samsung, South Korea’s largest and most profitable company. But it appears that the company won’t be dipping into its coffers to cover damages caused by the defective Galaxy Note 7.

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