Chicken SaladA multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to premade chicken salad products sold at Fareway grocery stores continues to expand, with the source of contamination still a mystery to health authorities investigating the problem.
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Chicken Salad Recall Overview

On February 21, 2018, Triple T Specialty Meats, Inc. issued a recall for all chicken salad produced from January 2, 2018 to February 7, 2018, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Affected products were sold in containers of various weights from deli counters at Fareway grocery stores in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota between Jan. 4, 2018, and Feb. 9, 2018. Click on this link to view CDC’s Case Count Map.

How Did the Contamination Occur?

Epidemiologic and laboratory evidence have traced the source of the outbreak to chicken salad produced by Triple T Specialty Meats, Inc. and sold at Fareway grocery stores, according to the CDC. However, that still doesn’t explain how the chicken got contaminated in the first place.
Fareway claims it isn’t to blame because it acted before the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to stop the problem. Triple T claims no contaminated salad was found at its Iowa plant, so the contamination must have occurred elsewhere, according to the company.

Investigation Update

State and local health officials continue to interview sick people to ask about the foods they ate before becoming ill, according to the CDC. Of 159 people interviewed to date, 131 (82%) reported eating chicken salad from Fareway stores. Triple T Specialty Meats, Inc. produced the chicken salad that ill people reported eating, the agency said.

Who’s Most Likely to be Affected?

Salmonella infection, or salmonellosis, has been known to cause particularly severe cases of food poisoning in the following groups:

  • Children younger than 5 years
  • Adults older than 65
  • People with weakened immune systems

CDC Recommendation

If you purchased any chicken salad products that are affected by the recall, you should not eat them (even if you have already consumed some and not gotten sick), and either discard the salad immediately or return it to the point of purchase for a refund. Those exhibiting symptoms of food poisoning should consult a doctor right away, CDC said.

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