Body Snatching Biological Resource CenterA Michigan businessman accused of renting infected body parts to unsuspecting medical researchers and lying to donors’ families about what he did with their loved ones’ bodies has asked a judge to suppress potentially damning evidence before his case goes to trial.

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What’s the Problem?

October 14, 2016 – The evidence Arthur Rathburn hopes to have suppressed includes numerous dissected body parts and documents supporting claims that he and his wife shipped human heads preserved in mouthwash, deceived families to obtain loved ones’ remains and discarded flesh and bone in a municipal sewer system.

U.S. District Judge Paul D. Borman denied Rathburn’s request in a ruling on Tuesday.

While it is legal for certain researchers and universities to buy and sell human remains in the U.S., Rathburn and his wife have been accused of operating outside the law.

According to the FBI and federal prosecutors, the couple illegally procured donated human body parts, dismembered them, and supplied remains to medical and dental professionals for a rental fee. They also purchased body parts at a discount when they came from people with infectious diseases such as HIV, AIDS and sepsis, according to the feds.

Additionally, Rathburn has been accused of operating a number of shelter businesses, including a Detroit warehouse where human remains were stored, dissected and shipped, and falsifying documents to conceal the truth behind the infected body parts he allegedly bought and sold.

After being questioned by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about a shipment of 8 human heads from Israel in 2012, which included the remains of a person whose death certificate said died of sepsis, Rathburn told the agency the cargo was harmless and that the infected head was embalmed. Investigators later determined these claims to be false.

Inspection of another shipment of 18 severed heads intercepted at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago in 2013 found that the paperwork didn’t match the remains. Investigators found multiple “critical discrepancies” between the shipment and accompanying documents, including incorrect sex and cause of death.

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