Heater-Cooler DeviceAt least 12 patients have developed a rare bacterial infection after heart surgeries at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, according to The Times-Picayune.
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What’s the Problem?

September 12, 2017 – In a letter posted Monday, the hospital blamed Stӧckert 3T heater-cooler devices made by Sorin, as the source of the infections, which was caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium Abscessus.
John F. Heaton, senior vice president at Children’s Hospital, said the affected children are hospitalized, and some are “very close to going home.”
CDC noted that Mycobacterium is commonly found in water, soil and dust, and can cause “a variety of infections.” Typically, “health-care associated infections” associated with it “are usually of the skin and soft tissues under the skin.”
Heaton said that dozens of other patients have been notified about the contaminated heater-cooler systems, which are used to regulate patients’ temperature while they’re on bypass.
“We were able to jump on this pretty quickly,” Heaton said. “We surveil our patients pretty intensely, and when we had several patients present within a 72-hour period, that set off a red flag right away.”

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