samsung-galaxy-note-7A man from Florida has filed a products liability lawsuit against Samsung related to the exploding battery of a Galaxy Note 7.
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What’s the Problem?

September 19, 2016 – According to the lawsuit, which was filed by Plaintiff Jonathan Strobel, the Note 7 exploded on Sept. 9, exactly after one week after Samsung announced a voluntary global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 following dozens of reports of the smartphones catching fire and/or exploding due to a battery manufacturing error.
Strobel claims he was at a Costco store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, when his Samsung Galaxy exploded. The device burned through his pants, which caused deep second degree burns to his thigh, and first degree burns on his fingers while trying to get the phone out of his pocket.
Consumer Reports criticized Samsung for failing to involve the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in the recall action, as this step would have ensured measures that would have better protected customer safety.
Strobel is seeking damages for medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering he experienced from the incident. The amount sought by the complaint has not been specified.
This is not the first lawsuit to be filed over an exploding Samsung Galaxy, and its not likely to be the last. A construction worker who allegedly suffered second and third degree burns after his Galaxy S7 Edge (which is not part of the global recall) caught fire and exploded in his pocket filed a suit (PDF) last week against Samsung. Plaintiff Daniel Ramirez claims he heard his phone whistling and screeching before it became engulfed in flames. His right hand was severely burned as he tried unsuccessfully to grab the device, which exploded in his pocket, searing his legs and groin, according to the lawsuit.

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