Body Snatching Biological Resource CenterThe trial of a Michigan man who has been accused of selling human remains to science kicked off Friday with testimony describing a grisly warehouse of human remains “frozen together in flesh-on-flesh chunks.”
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What’s the Problem?

January 9, 2018 – Arthur Rathburn, who the FBI said illegally leased or sold donated body parts — including human heads — to medical researchers for 2 decades, is charged with defrauding customers by selling them body parts infected with hepatitis and HIV, according to Reuters.

The buying and selling of human remains for medical research purposes and education is legal under U.S. law. However, regulations only cover body parts intended for transplantation, such as hearts and livers.

Per Larsen’s testimony, human remains were stored in a variety of containers such as Rubbermaid bins and 55-gallon drums. Tools, including a chainsaw and circular saw, were at the warehouse and in one area, agents found human remains and food in close proximity.

“We seized human remains, documents and tools,” Larsen said of the December 2013 raid.

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