I.M Healthy SoyNut Butter RecallTwo children in Oregon have been infected with E. coli in an expanding nationwide outbreak linked to I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter.
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What’s the Problem?

March 9, 2017 – Neither of the siblings, who are residents of Clackamas County, Oregon, had to be hospitalized or developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), according to state health officials.
The E. coli outbreak linked to soy nut butter has spread to 9 states and affected at least 16 people so far. Eight people have been hospitalized and 5 have developed kidney failure, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Consumers should avoid consuming all I.M. Healthy brand products with soy nut butter, including granola, even if they’ve eaten them and haven’t gotten sick. Pathogens aren’t usually spread uniformly throughout food.
Additional products could potentially be contaminated, as the SoyNut Butter Co. wasn’t the company that produced the butter. The company bought it from a manufacturer in Kentucky and put its label on it, according to health officials.
The strain of E. coli associated with the outbreak — O157:H7– has been identified through genetic analysis. One of the most toxic forms of E. coli, O157:H7 is typically spread through animal feces. The bacterium can cause bloody diarrhea and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
About 5 to 10% of patients, usually those with compromised immune systems, develop kidney failure, sometimes even as the diarrhea is waning. In rare cases, E. coli O157:H7 can be fatal or cause life-long symptoms.

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