Consumer Fraud

Fraud law concerns all forms of business and personal fraud. The law typically requires that the party accused of fraud be proven to have acted intentionally or with wanton disregard for the results of the action. Fraud lawyers are generally litigators who prosecute lawsuits for the U.S. government, or who bring or defend cases alleging fraud between people and businesses.

Consumer fraud occurs when an individual purchases something that doesn’t work as advertised. This can be a defective product, real estate swindle, phony charitable organization, bad faith denial of insurance coverage, or travel scam. Consumer fraud protection shields victims from these deceptions through state and federal consumer protection and product safety laws.

Consumer Fraud Against the Elderly

It is a difficult task to help anyone who has been the victim of fraud, but it is especially difficult to identify fraud against elderly people, many of whom live alone and are socially isolated. Unfortunately, vulnerable elders are a frequent target of fraud from financial advisers, healthcare providers, and even close friends and family members who have taken advantage of the elderly person’s trust.

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