A federal jury has found AbbVie Inc. guilty of failing to adequately warn of the severe side effects associated with use of the testosterone supplement AndroGel, ordering the company to pay more than $3 million to a man who claims the drug caused him to have a heart attack.
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What’s the problem?

March 27, 2018 – The verdict marks the end of the second trial of Jesse Mitchell, an Oregon man who says he had a heart attack after taking AndroGel, according to the Chicago Tribune. Mitchell was awarded a whopping $150 million at the conclusion of the first trial in December, which was tossed by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly, who found the verdict to be “logically incompatible.”
The jury in the first trial found AbbVie guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation, levying the massive penalty against the company in compensatory damages as punishment for what they saw as continued negligence, rather than compensating the plaintiff for his alleged losses.
Nearly 7,000 testosterone side effects lawsuits have been consolidated into federal multidistrict litigation (mdl 2545) in the Northern District of Illinois, the vast majority of which have been filed against AbbVie over AndroGel.
The venue for the litigation is a Chicago federal court, where last year Judge Kennelly began hearing bellwether trials, which are intended to gauge how juries are likely to respond to evidence common in most or all of the cases.
2 of the 3 AndroGel lawsuits tried to date have resulted in verdicts against the company. A jury in October awarded $140 million in punitive damages, and $140,000 in compensatory damages, to a 56-year-old Tennessee man who had a heart attack after using AndroGel. Kennelly is considering a request by AbbVie’s lawyers to overturn that verdict for being inconsistent.

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